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TimeZoneAuthority.com is the timezone reporting of choice for companies looking to achieve differentiation and win customer loyalty by delivering an exceptional customer experience. Providing unprecedented accuracy, reliability, and ease of use, TimeZoneAuthority.com is helping companies around the world to transform the way they care for customers, business partners and employees. Like all 1id.com Solutions, it helps organizations enhance business efficiency, increase caller satisfaction, and achieve differentiation through superior customer care.

Organizations who have invested in us benefit from improved business performance. Your resources enjoy efficiencies from built-in load balancing and centralized server management. Your deployments and maintenance are easier from more efficient server management with its centralized logging, reporting, tuning, and other analytical tasks. The result is unparalleled levels of reliability, accuracy, and ease of use that will transform the way you care for your customers.

TimeZoneAuthority.com helps drive higher business performance through more efficient self-service solutions that increase automation rates and improve customer satisfaction. It optimizes self-services interactions and enhances the customer experience by delivering outstanding value in three key areas:
emptyAccuracyIncrease the efficiency of your interactions with callers, using state-of-the-art acoustic models and natural conversations that make it easier to resolve issues on the first call.
emptyReliabilityIncrease the efficiency and scalability of your resources with load balancing, resource management, multitenancy, and centralized logging and monitoring services that lead to high service availability.
emptyEase of useIncrease the efficiency of deployments and maintenance with a centralized server management station that simplifies reporting, tuning, and other analytical tasks.
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